This is me

About me

Joshua Pike is an 18-year-old boy who enjoys programming and going out an about pretty much every week. He has extensive knowledge in Information Technolgy, Python and Graphic Design (He is still learning a lot when it comes to graphic design so please don’t ask about it or he get angry).

He is British who defines himself as straight. He is currently working for a company called Homes Made Simple Ltd as a Trainee Administrator.

Josh is also obsessed with noodles and water.

Josh is currently in a relationship with Paige (AKA Yawniezz) Paige is also a few days older than Josh which makes him triggered angry when he thinks about it (Probably because he is a short arse, short people get angry at every little thing).

Josh is learning new stuff everyday cause of his fish brain always forgetting stuff and always willing to try new things.