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About me

My name is Joshua Pike. I live in South Wales and i love travelling and playing video games.

I am a 19 year old boy from South Wales, UK. Most of my time is with Homes Made Simple Ltd as a Administrator. In my spare time, i like to work on projects that i currently have going on or play games. On the weekend, i head down to Birmingham where my Girlfriend lives. Her name is Paige we got together on the 11/11/2018. 

Every day i am always thinking of ideas of what i can do just to give someone that happy smile on there face, even if its ideas i 100% cannot do. 

I am a massive shy boy and that is fact (Even ask Paige, she will say the same thing). 

I am a PC gamer (Sorry Console fans). I normally play games like Forza Horizon, GTA V, Rainbow Six and Rust. I do like simulator games sometimes and when im really bored, i do play Minecraft every now and again. 

I am a prgrammer with knowlodge in HTML, CSS, JS, Python & C++. You can view projects i have done on my Gitlab page or on my Github page. 

I love to post about my life on the internet for people to see. I have a Instagram for it actually! 

I left education in 2017 at the age of 16. I then went own do my own things for a while till i started working with a company called T4Tech which a little computer repair shop located in Cwmbran.  

Today, i am happy where i am in life and i really don't want it to go downhill from here. Its been up and down my entire life and its been on a steady upstream since January and can't wait for it get even better in the future. 

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